About Assitej Sweden

About Assitej Sweden

Svenska ASSITEJ is a platform for everyone who works with or has interests in performing arts for children and young people in Sweden. ASSITEJ's members consist of actors, directors, set designers and playwrights, as well as theater groups, organizations and institutions, reviewers and cultural writers, cultural secretaries, amateur theaters, organizers and associations.

Svenska ASSITEJ works to spread knowledge about Swedish performing arts for children and young people, as well as by arranging exchanges, guest performances and arranging contacts. As a member, you get access to a national and international network with information about festivals, courses and seminars from around the world. You can also get in direct contact with each country's ASSITEJ center if you want information or contacts.

We work closely with ASSITEJ centers and organizations around the world with which we run a number of collaborative projects such as exchanges of performances, visits to festivals, workshops and seminars.

Over the past 25 years, we have worked closely and collaboratively with dozens of countries in southern and eastern Africa, the Middle East and Asia. We have a continuous collaboration with our Nordic and Baltic neighbors. Within the framework of the international collaborations we arrange seminars, workshops and performance exchanges. 

We arrange seminars and workshops for our Swedish members and we raise artistic and drive cultural policy issues.


the national performing arts biennial for children and young people that takes place every two years. The festival is arranged through Bibu AB, an independent festival company, which is jointly owned by Svenska ASSITEJ and Teatercentrum. The Biennale is the most important national meeting place for Swedish performing arts for children and young people. After taking place in Lund since 2006, Bibu moved to Helsingborg in 2014 and has since been carried out in collaboration with Helsingborg City Theater, Helsingborg Municipality and Region Skåne. More information about Bibu is available at: www.bibu.se

Since 2012, together with Scensverige, we arrange Swedstage every two years, a showcase for Swedish performing arts, which presents performances for children, young people and adults in theater, dance, performance and other genres. The goal is to reach an international audience by inviting festival organizers and guest performance producers. With Swedstage, we want Swedish performances to increasingly find ways to international festivals and guest performances. More information: www.swedstage.se .

Svenska ASSITEJ wants to: - Work to maintain and strengthen the high status of Swedish performing arts and work for increased quality awareness in the field of performing arts for children and young people. - Increase interest in and knowledge of performing arts for children and young people among educators, organizers, the media, politicians and decision-makers. - Open up opportunities for increased knowledge about international performing arts for children and young people and disseminate knowledge and information about Swedish performing arts to other countries.

We work by:

Influencing - the mass media, decision-makers, politicians, theater management, etc. - We award the Prix d'ASSITEJ every year - a prize for meritorious contributions in Swedish performing arts for children and young people. - Create networks - both in Sweden and abroad - Stimulate - we arrange member meetings, festivals, seminars, etc. - Inform - we publish printed matter, newsletters and inform on social media. - Document - we make compilations of performances and other activities in the field of performing arts for children and young people.

If you have proposals for collaboration or exchange projects - get in touch with us. We collaborate with colleagues and practitioners both at home and abroad. Become a member of Svenska ASSITEJ and become part of a national and international network!